“And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect      harmony.”Colossians 3:14(ESV)

Love is the driving force of our existence.  It is intrinsic to our spiritual and physical frame. There are so many facets and depths to love that they can’t all be explored in a month’s time. The one thing that is common is that Love gives life meaning. Real love is an amazing feeling! It sustains and weathers the storms of life hand in hand. It is empathetic and has no shame in getting in the trenches to put work in for the long haul. Real love is not the epitome of perfection, but it is the picture of humility. Humility is the posture that loves flourishes in. It understands that in this stance there is always room to learn, improve, and grow. Real love is about reciprocity and not self-preservation. The language of love is our, we, and us.We should endeavor to speak it fluently. Love is content. It doesn’t become entangled in the web of comparison.Real love ain’t always right, but it can admit to being wrong.


The rivers of love flow from many different streams. If you are a parent you encounter it through your children. The love they give is innocent and priceless.  They love you, despite your faults and strengths. Maybe it is a laidback brother or an overprotective sister who is always in your corner showing unfailing support. Perhaps, parents or grandparents whose hugs and loving touch are the absolute BEST. The comfort that they give seems to make time stand still and all is well just for a moment. Love is a gift from God. When you are shown love, it is a glimpse of God. Love dwells in the sanctuary of your heart. It permeates the essence of who you are and is evidenced by how you talk, walk, and behave. It can be easily felt by all who cross your path.


I am grateful that I understand that life has unexpected twists and turns. At any given moment of the day, life can totally be rearranged. Every minute, second, and hour of the day is a Blessing. I NEVER take it for granted and neither should you. I let my family know that I LOVE them daily by speaking these words before we part ways. I challenge you to be intentional with your presence and attention. Take a deep breath, mute all distractions, and connect with those closest to you daily. Don’t allow yourself to be so consumed with the busyness of the day that you forget to SPEAK love to your loved ones.


“Love inscribes a lasting impression on the soul for a lifetime.”


This post is dedicated to My love, Mr.B. and my two Heartbeats you are my dreams realized!

 Let me know how you feel about love and what it means to you in the comments.

 Love Conquers All, ❤



A Letter To My Love

Dear Love ❤ ,

It’s something about experiencing a wrong love that makes you admire a right love. And as I reflect on right love all I can think about is our love.

Words can’t attempt to describe the scope of our relationship, but I want you to know how much I appreciate you. For the days where you choose my happiness over your own, for the nights that you carry the burdens of this household, for the times where you saw more in me than I saw in myself and for the moments where you displayed pure love just because. You find joy in the most simplistic of places. You find humor in the dullest moments. You make me laugh when I don’t want to be bothered, but most of all you’ve enlightened my purpose.

I remember when we first met and how everything seemed so clear. I adored your optimistic flair and I believe you adored how much I adored you. We talked on the phone like teenagers. We hung out like we were best friends. Although it may seem childlike now it was everything at that moment.

Your smile makes me want to get to know you all over again. Your brown eyes remind me of the first day we met. And somehow I can look at you and just know that everything will be okay. I apologize for the resentment I carried from my past and I thank you for your patience. I know that I am not the easiest person to get along with and I may suffer from the” know it all syndrome “,but thank you for focusing more on my heart than my words. Thank you for seeing yourself in me as your rib. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for being a friend, a listening ear, and a soul mate.

As we reminisce on the past and embark upon the future may our love remain the shield to our happiness.

I love you.

K.T Jacks ❤

Colossians 3:14

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Send this to your love during this week of love! ❤

Wrong Love:Top 5 Ways to Identify It

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” (John 4:8)

Loving the wrong person is a very big deal. Being in a relationship with the wrong person can change the trajectory of your ENTIRE relationship. It is so important to discern the world’s ideas and God’s principles regarding love. The world’s ideas about love teach you to be tolerant of detrimental behaviors because that is the NEW normal. The more we are exposed to these ideas, we slowly become desensitized to what is wrong and reject the truth. Meanwhile, it destroys the core of who you are called to be and could possibly block the path to who He has for you. To recklessly give your heart to just anyone can have a catastrophic outcome. Guard your heart and your mind.


When I think about all the preparation that goes into catching a flight at the airport it can be overwhelming. So there’s packing suitcases, having the necessary paperwork, security checkpoints and making sure all toiletries are in the correct containers. Yes, this is an inconvenience and you can still have flight cancellations and delays. You may say,” I have done everything right now what?” But can I tell you that the security checkpoints are for your safety.Due to the tragic events that we have experienced in the past with terrorist attacks, it was mandatory to change how we travel. If we didn’t, we would run the risk of similar events happening again. This idea juxtaposed to the matters of the heart works the same way. When you grant access to someone and they bypass certain checkpoints it is a threat to your mental and emotional security. The cost of that is far too great. When you don’t make the necessary changes you end up in a repeat relationship or situationship. It doesn’t matter who you are with the outcome will always be the same. Wrong love is predictable. The lesson to be learned in wrong love is more about you than who you are with.


“Wrong Love is better than No Love.” There are so many things to unpack with this unhealthy mentality. When a person’s conversations insinuate this idea. It makes me cringe and I feel a great deal of sadness. In my mind, there may be a possible battle with self-esteem and or the idea that this is the best that I can do. Even if that means you know the relationship isn’t working you are willing to make the sacrifice. There are various reasons why people settle, but what I know is that they may not have the full revelation of who they are. When you don’t know who you are and whose you are anything will work. God designed for you to have His absolute Best!


1)Abuse– Mental, physical or verbal is completely unacceptable. All three stem from manipulation and control and this is not of God. They are equally destructive and if endured long enough can unravel at the seam the very fiber of who God created you to be. Real love doesn’t hurt or hinder. Real love helps.It isn’t fearful, but it’s trustworthy.Wrong love humiliates while real love covers.

“If someone lacks self -control over their temper, hands, or their tongue they aren’t submitted to God.”

2)Untitled relationship-Wrong love revels in the fact of being let off the hook when the relationship is not defined. It’s makes playing games with your heart legal. This way there is no expectation and the intent is never established. God never intended for you to date casually nor to allow random people to mishandle you. Then when sex is added outside of the confines of marriage (fornication) it further complicates and confuses everyone involved. This plan doesn’t follow the blueprint.

3)The mismatchedLove-The bible tells us to not be unequally yoked with an unbeliever. It is pretty clear-cut. If you date or marry someone who doesn’t share your faith you could be lead astray.

“Never get comfortable with compromise the price of the consequence is costly.”

4)Intuition-The still small voice we have, but sometimes choose to ignore. If there is no peace about who you are with explore the feelings of unrest.
5)The Village disapproves-When trusted family and friends have reservations about your significant other. It deserves your attention immediately because they love and want the best for you. Love is blind, but you must receive their concern from a place of love and not war.

God wants to be a part of every aspect of your life He is the Original Matchmaker. If He knew you before the foundation of the world, then He knew who would best compliment you.

Be Blessed<3,


To Love A Fool

Anybody that has ever been hurt, may hate to admit that they once loved a fool or possibly in love with one now. I don’t think we resent the fact that we were capable of loving someone rather than we resent how vulnerable it made us. The wrong person will always make you feel as if the hurt and shame you feel is solely based off of your emotions. And they had nothing to do with the misery that they caused. Whatever the case maybe we stayed longer in that relationship than we should have or maybe we haven’t left.

Could it be the fact that they displayed foolish characteristics but we longed for their company? Or maybe it is that scary feeling of being alone, so we settled. Could it be that daunting sensation that no one else could love you? Maybe its that terrifying fear of starting all over again? Nevertheless, we rely on an ounce of hope that we can change that fool and it would lead us to our happily ever after. Even after many failed attempts we try and try again.

But wouldn’t that make us just as foolish?

Albert Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.”

So that would lead us to believe that love is so powerful it could drive us insane! It’s very extreme, but still an unspoken truth. The type of love where the significant other destroys the family in either one form or another. And everyone is left wondering, “what went wrong?” For when its wrong love something will always go wrong. The bible says…

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, But the companion of fools will suffer harm.” (Proverbs 13:20)

This bible verse is so potent because it reveals to you your fate if your companion is a fool. You will suffer! There is no maybe, by chance, possibility, it’s simply harm and suffering. For the days that I had to pick myself up, for the times where I was too weak to try, for the moments where I suffered the hardest my companion was a fool.

But if I could speak to you as I would have wanted someone to speak to me. That relationship does not define you. That fool does not define you. For there is courage in the Lord! For he is stronger than any man. For he is more significant than any situation. And if we would only love Him the way that He loves us, He will show us what right love is. ❤

Proverbs 14:7

Stay away from a fool, for you will not find knowledge on their lips.

K.T Jacks ❤

Love is Complicated

Love is a universal language. One that transcends race, color, religion and national origin. It seems like it should be simple, but it is very complicated. How is it that one word and the intense feelings attached to it be such a perplexing concept? Love has been the inspiration for the world’s most beautiful love songs. In the same breath, the anthem for some unforgettable heartaches. My mental depiction of love is my heart taking the lead over my mind. Rendering my emotional state vulnerable. My emotions are unpredictable and it can be unsettling. It is a beautiful terrifying experience. Naturally, it makes sense to compare it to falling, but with a fall you can’t predict how you will land. Nor can you foresee the damages you incur for taking a chance. Truthfully speaking, it doesn’t feel good to lose self- control or yourself in this emotional whirlwind. Dangerous is how I would describe it if entrusted to the wrong one. It is a gift when given and received in the confines of God’s standards.


Love doesn’t ask permission or your input on the depths in which you involuntarily plunge. It is indescribable and yet everything that we know it to be is an expression of it. In the midst of uncertainty, I knew I needed God so desperately to be my safe place. I felt my sense of reasoning, decision-making, and self -control being clouded. My heart had seized all territories. I learned the line of demarcation between obsession and loving God’s way is thin. This is where many lose themselves and their way. The struggle is real. The human experience is flawed due to the spiritual predisposition to sin.


I thank God every day for closing the door on certain relationships. He knew what I needed even when I didn’t. For many of us, God is the Keeper of our Hearts. We are souls housed in this shell called flesh. The flesh will ALWAYS attempt to overpower our spiritual discernment. It is not a test of your physical strength, but of your ability to be led by the Holy Spirit. This is real strength personified. Without God, you can’t differentiate between right or wrong love. Leaving you in a state of wandering aimlessly for truth.

“Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it; If a man would give all the substance of his house for love it would utterly be contemned.”Song of Solomon 8:7

Tell me your thoughts on Love. Share your experiences in the comments below.

Until Next time,



When I was weak my heart may have broken a thousand times. When I was idle the time couldn’t repair the scars of pain. When I was confused the frustration of love interrupted my peace. And as I reflect on the days, I wonder was I an accomplice to my own misery or was it apart of a grand scheme to make me wiser. It takes wisdom to make sense of the love concept. It takes the experience to pinpoint the imperfections. As humans, we are always searching for love and asking what love is, but the Bible defines it.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8
4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hope, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Why is that the bible clearly defines love, but we are easily muddled by the thought of it? The Lord tells us what it is, but we undermine him the same way a child undermines their parents when they want something forbidden. I have pondered on this question and the only answer a fitting is the temptation. The devil will play with your emotions because you long for love. And he knows it! He will put people in your life with the mere purpose to temp to you. He will make you confuse like for lust and lust for love until your delusional.

I would have to say that is a clever strategy for the devil to use if we aren’t intact with our emotions. The thought of love is so powerful that it can make you move from a city that you have lived all your life. Make you take career changes that you aren’t comfortable with. Change your livelihood in one day and rearrange your environment with hopes that this could be the real thing. If I could speak to that young girl again I would advise her to guard, her temple.

Lust is a sexual desire. Like is a strong attraction.
But love…. love is everlasting.

I believe that I contributed to my own pain because I couldn’t differentiate these emotions and didn’t seek the Lord’s word for guidance. Until someone can love us the way that the Lord loves us, and we are able to do the same in return, then we’re just struggling with some intense emotions. Emotions can lead to love. But love cannot be forced no matter how bad we may want it. I will always cheer for the hopeless romantic because everyone deserves love. But let your love dwell in good faith and seasoned with the Lord’s word. ❤

K.T Jacks ❤


“For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory “. Deuteronomy 20:4

As a kid, my Granny has always had an encouraging word especially during the times I felt defeated. I could find comfort in her listening to my heart, wiping my tears and then telling me to get up and try again. She would say,”Don’t wait until the battle is over ….shout now!”It would bring a smile to my face to hear her echo that sentiment, but I couldn’t relate to God being a Deliverer yet. However, as an adult, I have clarity on what that means in my life.The bottom line is the journey we call life is a battle.In order to stand toe to toe with it, we must understand when we try to do it without HIM it is a guaranteed loss.Take a moment to reflect on your past hardships, heartaches, victories, accomplishments, and disappointments.It is the mountains and valleys of your story that make it unique and powerful. All of our life’s experiences are cumulative, we can take away an important lesson.These lessons strengthen you and teach you something about yourself that you will need.Life can feel like a battle.The question is are you ready to fight?


It seems like every day that we wake up we are faced with a fight. A fight to have unwavering faith, in the throes of an unexpected illness.A fight to live a life of holiness, in a society that deems God’s standard antiquated and irrelevant.A fight to be light in these very dismal times.When I think about all the things that we have to deal with the pressure seems insurmountable in this spiritual warfare.To cower in worry and defeat would be the obvious move.It is so easy to walk away when you feel there are no options.But when you find yourself in a “back up against the wall situation, you must have an against all odds mentality”.You must stand steadfast and persevere in the face of verbal persecution and even being ostracized.Being in a fight won’t be glamorous.In fact, it may seem like you are losing ground.You will have bruises and scars, but it won’t kill you.Every blow that you take is designed ultimately to knock you out.Remember, as a fighter, you are never in the ring alone.You have a Cornerman who has everything you need for each round in the bout.The Cornerman’s role is to keep the fighter focused, clean up his bruises, and then reiterate strategy. The magnificent thing about this Cornerman is that He is in the ring with you! Guiding you and all your moves.God wants you to know this Battle is already won.The Enemy has been defeated!


Trust is built on the foundation of credibility.Treading a storm is only for a season.It didn’t come to stay it just passes through to refine you.For every prayer that God answered, every situation that he delivered you out of and even circumstances he intercepted for you as protection. He showed himself trustworthy, merciful, and immutable.He is there when you can’t trace him. He will meet you where you are and help you arrive where he wants you to be.Worrying doesn’t change anything.It occupies space in our minds and hearts that long for God’s peace.With worrying, it says to God,” I don’t know if I can trust you to deliver”.What moves God is saying, ”I will trust you no matter what the outcome is’’.This is the revelation we have been given .When you have a grasp on this concept it will cause a praise and shout to erupt from your soul that can’t be subdued.Don’t wait until the battle is over …..Shout now!

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