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That’s My Dream

Lord, thank you for those closed doors. Thank you for those denials! 

What God has for me no man can take away. 


I Need This Friendship

I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t lose my friendship with the Lord. I need that type of relationship that is going to speak life into my prayers.

Tackling Resentment

At one point of time resentment consumed me. If I didn’t like someone the feeling of discomfort lingered on me within their presence. Being an enemy of mine became a lifelong contract which I had no interest in renegotiating. Many may call it characteristics of a Scorpio but no horoscope can predict unforgiveness. This was…

The Struggles of A Young Mom

Each one of my pregnancies became beautiful and dynamic in its own way. With my firstborn, the thought of having someone to call my own gave me chill bumps. A gorgeous little person growing inside of me that would call me mommy! The only downside is that I was young. Too young to be having…