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When I was weak my heart may have broken a thousand times. When I was idle the time couldn’t repair the scars of pain. When I was confused the frustration of love interrupted my peace.


Prayer for Overflow

I woke up this morning feeling lacking and I knew that this wasn’t the will of the Lord. I know that the Lord has so much for his children but sometimes we have to ask. We must not be afraid to call on the Lord and seek help. Prayer works.

Prayer For Courage

Lord, I come to you today and ask for you to see my heart. See my troubles and my obstacles and bring forth clarity. Lord, I am not asking for you to remove my obstacles because I know that you have a mission over my life. But Lord I am asking for strength and courage…


Who and what is God to you? What does he represent in your life? I had to ask myself this question because I recently questioned my prayers. Many times we pray to God and wonder will he honor our prayer request or if he is even listening. In my mind, I wondered if my prayer request seemed shallow, superficial, or even…

Power of Prayer

Every time I blog or write I pray over my hands. I pray over my hands for clarity, wisdom, and for people to see the work of God through my words. But yesterday I started writing without having a clear understanding of God and it set me back tremendously. I couldn’t think clearly. I couldn’t…